Hi! My name is Brian Redmond, your DJ, and here's a little biographical information about me.

After studies in business administration, economics and psychology, music was still my love and I was always fascinated with weddings I had attended back in the day. It was the 80's and as a young guy in his twenties I found myself a career in operations, radio commercials and engineering remote broadcasts at CFCF Radio in Montreal.

One day a fellow employee asked me if I could finish playing music at a wedding he was DJing in a nice hotel from about 10 PM til 3 in the morning! He had to work at midnight however I would have to keep them dancing. He could pay me $175.00, I payed parking and gas, hopped in my ole van and off I went.

His turntables were held together with tape and weights on the cartridges to keep the needles on the scratchy 45's and LP's....the tape deck sort of worked, speakers not too bad.

Well this was a challenge, 10 PM in downtown Montreal... I had heard of some new artist who was hot...a Madonna somebody, so that should work, had a few Abba tunes, wonder if they like Kiss?? Twist and Shout might do it.

I was in way over my head but somehow it seemed to come together, gee there were pretty girls and the guys were drinking, the floor was what will I do next? Uncle George made a fool of himself, Aunt Betty was never going to speak to him again.....and before I knew it was "Last Call"....OMG!

Next day I went home to see my mom and dad telling them, you know, this could be a business I might be quite good at. My dad read me the riot act telling me I would have to be professional, remain sober get decent equipment and a van without holes in the doors....don't ya hate it when your parents are still right?

A few years later Disco Mobile Brian Redmond was born with nine company DJ's providing music for weddings and Christmas functions all over town. The work was back breaking at times, cartons of 12" records. No cyberspace then, party people..:)

I decided to develop Ottawa and the Valley in the 90's. Awesome Soundz was a fresh new approach to the new world we all live in. However the wedding business still seemed to be my passion, a beautiful bride, handsome groom......their special day!

Today we focus on a true connection with the engaged couples concentrating on every detail of their receptions. We now provide the music for onsite ceremonies more than ever so the preparation and planning is so important.

Our focus it to be dressed, set up, sound checked an hour before the first guest arrives...ready to say hello.

It is a digital music world and the licensed music we play is clean and free of any negatives. We are constantly upgrading the fast paced changes in the industry, while hanging on to integrity.

There is peace of mind for the Bride & Groom when trust, professionalism and high standards are maintained.

Love it, lots of work for sure, some crazy times always but wouldn't TRADE it for the world, even at 3 AM, Closing Time!

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